Hi! My name is Deb Crine. I am a textile artist and for the last 15 years I have focused on exploring fiber arts. In 2001 I took my first quilting class and was hooked from the start.  It is hard to say what I loved best. I enjoyed piecing, appliquéing and the versatility that working with fiber offered.  I signed up for every workshop I could and soon began to develop my own style becoming more interested in art quilting.

As I began to explore art quilting I decided to incorporate my love of painting into my designs. Painting of fabric was different than anything I had ever done and I enjoyed the challenge. I began using textile paints, which allowed me to create some beautiful pieces, but it wasn’t until I discovered silk dye painting that I was truly satisfied.

Painting on silk was unlike anything I had ever done. The vibrancy of colors and transparency was so much greater than anything I could achieve on cotton.  I continue to explore different varieties of silk and many techniques. Some of my paintings are quilted, others remain silk paintings or scarves. My favorite subjects include nature and whimsical designs with a strong visual impact being the primary goal.

My work has been published in national magazines and books. My work has been displayed at art galleries, national and international quilt exhibits and the National Quilt Museum. I have won a many awards over the years in both national and local shows.

* Anyone who says you can't see a thought simply doesn't know art.  ~Wynetka Ann Reynolds